Charli D'amelio CRYING after Losing 1 Million Followers! #DramaAlert Logan Paul vs Austin Mcbroom!

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7 dager siden

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DramaAlert 6 dager siden
Sorry about the editing errors! Was really rushing to get this out and forgot to close the gab in between those two clips at the end!
DreamThreats 6 dager siden
I subbed and follow u on Twitter @JoshuaC65910299 not a bot btw bro I’m dead about Charlie and Dixie like Dixie could of nicely said no thank you or spit it out in a napkin and since she didn’t she should say sorry to her chief then I wanna see jj and the ace family guy fight I don’t know his name sorry but easy 5 million for my boy jj and update Logan Paul still crazy thinking he can win against Floyd and then the twitch story is honestly un believable 😂 and I think it’s about time we get another actual good rewind only pewdiepie and now mr beast and u this one for sure is ganna be fire Bc mr beast got the best videos he got no limit
Cole Slaw
Cole Slaw 6 dager siden
Was a little confused
Erick Juarez
Erick Juarez 6 dager siden
I and a big fan I been like all of your vid bro
Yunus Ali
Yunus Ali 6 dager siden
Wanting to get a new ps5
Yunus Ali
Yunus Ali 6 dager siden
Mr beast doing NOpost rewind is probably the best thing to happen, since NOpost's previous attempts of doing rewind were a bit cringe. Twitter: yunusa921
excel Karma
excel Karma 4 minutter siden
James Charles had dinner with Charlie and Dixie and she picked her nose
excel Karma
excel Karma Minutt siden
But I don’t what the ps5 but still subscribed
Stew BonBon
Stew BonBon 42 minutter siden
Didn’t age well
Giga Chad
Giga Chad 46 minutter siden
Is keemstar a scalper? Whats with all the ps5 boxes? lol
xWhiteKnightx Time siden
Funniest part of this is her saying she wanted even numbers, so the smart people gave her 98m
Gustavo Laso
Gustavo Laso Time siden
Lol XD
- iHavEdepression -
- iHavEdepression - Time siden
How sensitive are people? She got “cancelled” because she wanted Dino Nuggets.
Kachi Anyiam
Kachi Anyiam 2 timer siden
the d'amelios 😂😂😂😂 I subscribed and clicked the bell @Anyiamjoshua
Kachi Anyiam
Kachi Anyiam Time siden
I love NOpost boxing
Laurence Kelly
Laurence Kelly 2 timer siden
Kinda feel bad for them
Umbones Ahh
Umbones Ahh 3 timer siden
Keem been subbed on multiple accounts but I find it very annoying that charli or Charlie however you spell that fucking name is crying over 1mil followers I would loose an arm to even have half of her fortune really annoying Edit: I don’t wish anything bad on her cause nobody deserves to be bullied or told to hurt themselves but shouldn’t be crying about followers and if you’ve said anything like that to anyone your sick 🤮🤮🤮
SforMayor 3 timer siden
Subbot life matter ✊️
Ynw Melly
Ynw Melly 3 timer siden
sbryan614 _
sbryan614 _ 3 timer siden
I heard somewhere that she’s buying followers
prd. co
prd. co 4 timer siden
Bruh you went from 99 mil to 98 mil I barley have a 100 subs and even im happy grow tf up
mr x
mr x 4 timer siden
they are just soft girls
Nick Nandania
Nick Nandania 5 timer siden
Tik Tok ban in india
classichorrorgamer 559
classichorrorgamer 559 5 timer siden
Why do people say cancelled it sounds dumb
LeBron James
LeBron James 5 timer siden
yea damelio sisters deserve it lol yes
kimi 5 timer siden
Kyng Bot
Kyng Bot 6 timer siden
She eats her boogers but not the snail 🤣🤣
Kyng Bot
Kyng Bot 6 timer siden
🤣I like how she ignored the fact she was eating her boogers
Damerian Williams
Damerian Williams 7 timer siden
Keemstar bro can I plz plz plz plz plz have a ps5 I love all your videos and knowing I got one from my favorite most real talk youtuber would mean the freaking w World so could I please 🥺 get one of those ps5?
Ryo Kurogane
Ryo Kurogane 7 timer siden
The only solution to the boxing drama is Austin Mcbroom being in a gauntlet match against Jake Paul, Bryce Hall and Logan Paul. @beelzebubxiii
Dawson Prewitt
Dawson Prewitt 8 timer siden
God she is calling out someone for having problems and Charlie is only 16 smh grow up go to school
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 8 timer siden
Why is everyone making only fans🤣🤣?
Rotten Diagram 41
Rotten Diagram 41 8 timer siden
Ps5 would be lovely rn 🙏😋
Atomic Mushroom 6413
Atomic Mushroom 6413 8 timer siden
I want to curl up and die
TheNote 8 timer siden
Holyyy, I blame Charlie's parents tbh. They shouldn't have the whole dimmer series if the girls aren't confident enough to be good role models. No hate to them tho, they've done a good job mostly. @ekortenbach Account is blocked cause apparently I'm 13 lol, but u sent an appeal 😂😂 (I'm 18)
MrXuppyyy 8 timer siden
shits crazy how some people can become soo irrelevant soo quickly twitter @MrXuppyyyy
Banjo Patterson
Banjo Patterson 9 timer siden
The sisters are the worst examples of human beings!
Arxii on top
Arxii on top 10 timer siden
why does keem look like a homeless man who just popped a molly?
Pumpkin Ghost
Pumpkin Ghost 10 timer siden
This is an F, honestly
Brody 11 timer siden
Ngl just leave charli alone guys
Arav Gupta
Arav Gupta 11 timer siden
twitter: @TheAravTDDS
RosesOf HennessXY
RosesOf HennessXY 12 timer siden
Lets go KeemGang
Goat of the 21 Century
Goat of the 21 Century 13 timer siden
Im sorry but she is a cry baby Charli- loses 1 million followers *crys Anyone else - has 100 mil followers loses 1 mil still happy because losing 1 mil cant bring them down
MCFinest yadhaj
MCFinest yadhaj 13 timer siden
Charlie should’ve just been grateful since the beginning she can be grateful after but then again not a demilio fan @yadhaji_
loki puent
loki puent 13 timer siden
Only if people where like ksi and just laughed it off instead of crying
he is gone
he is gone 14 timer siden
people who are simps for her or making me cringe
Julorny 14 timer siden
This was intense lol 😂
Prince Brown
Prince Brown 14 timer siden
Bugha got three million dollars in one day
butti fdft
butti fdft 14 timer siden
Wow Charlie avting like a victim bu them calls someone out?
Clylo 14 timer siden
Did Logan say a “ from real steel
Clylo 14 timer siden
My man just roasted only fans girl
butti fdft
butti fdft 14 timer siden
I guess I’m Kobe Bryant cause I had to hit her with a double team
JD MX 14 timer siden
“ in the loop” Good outro
Madelyn Mia
Madelyn Mia 15 timer siden
Daily Modded
Daily Modded 15 timer siden
I wanna win one!!! I subbed and got notifications on!
BobThepencil 69
BobThepencil 69 15 timer siden
I’ve been subbed for years
Earl Gayao
Earl Gayao 15 timer siden
Jay 15 timer siden
After seeing Charlie or whatever her name is cry on live...I’m convinced her tears are fake. Smh @fvckjlyn
Axel Garcia Garcia
Axel Garcia Garcia 15 timer siden
So hilarious love your vids keep it up
Cameron Blethen
Cameron Blethen 16 timer siden
Charlie damelio prob lost some followers cause of trump and I am a trump supporters I'm sorry if I offended some of you
A R 16 timer siden
News flash she was crying Bc she got death threats not Bc she lost over 1 mil followers But she gained back 2 mil! I’m so proud of our tiktok Queen 💞💚💕
Jake Hamstod
Jake Hamstod 16 timer siden
keem ion care about the demelos there stuck up asf just because you have money dosen't give you the right to treat Another HUMAN BEING...
Jake Hamstod
Jake Hamstod 16 timer siden
Twitter : yeboijosh
Letuserhack 16 timer siden
She needs a REAL job
Homosexual Gaming
Homosexual Gaming 17 timer siden
oh boohoo, let me play a sad song for you on the world's smallest violin
KingM3llo 18 timer siden
pls please s 5
ChalkZone 18 timer siden
I guess I’m Kobe Bryant cause I had to hit her with a double team
ashbalisticdubh 18 timer siden
Wow Charlie avting like a victim bu them calls someone out?
Jake It Or Leave It
Jake It Or Leave It 18 timer siden
James Charles is going to, maybe inadvertently, end so many peoples careers.
taf ox_
taf ox_ 18 timer siden
Newbie here I like the news and updates thank u man love the work.
Pa1n 19 timer siden
i'd cry if i lost my 70 subs
tired face
tired face 19 timer siden
keemstar show us that kyle chin ;)
Deepsix2 19 timer siden
Why can’t you tell the news without screaming
Elena L
Elena L 19 timer siden
Tik tok is getting so problematic Twitter: Elena20222
Uros Lucic
Uros Lucic 19 timer siden
Where is the death of Unnas Annas
iconiczz gaming
iconiczz gaming 19 timer siden
Please pick me
Lars Mathias Sæther-Ulveraker
Lars Mathias Sæther-Ulveraker 20 timer siden
Twitter : LarsMathias3 LOL
Vashsean Plays
Vashsean Plays 20 timer siden
Hey I subscribe
Ⴆαɠυҽƚƚҽ 20 timer siden
i think that Charli D'amelio just wanted to set a goal for her follow count and anyone should have goals but with out context people will think that Charli is a bad person
Shakira Smith
Shakira Smith 20 timer siden
And just like that Logan is dead but pls pick me for the giveaway my Twitter is @Shakira25259256
Xjacobx14 -
Xjacobx14 - 20 timer siden
dixie and charlie/james charles tweet/ tana over the only fans/twitch tweet/no youtube rewind/ace family beef wit jake paul/ can i get the ps5😊😊
Alastair Kehoe
Alastair Kehoe 21 time siden
NOpost boxing lol I need the ps5 or the xbox
ii_Qui 21 time siden
5:06 just watch the chat full of fan pages.
Swifty spamz
Swifty spamz 21 time siden
That joke at the end was funny
Flarex COD
Flarex COD 21 time siden
@FlarexCDL if I win
Joshua Rojas
Joshua Rojas 22 timer siden
Whoever said TikTok is soft that’s facts lol like adults here trying cancel a 16 year old for saying she wants Dino nuggets like cmon y’all have something better to do in (like 16 year old wants Dino nuggets take her out of society) and I comment like a joke and all the kids and adults coming at me like it’s a joke don’t pull out the 9 Jamal
Joshua Rojas
Joshua Rojas 21 time siden
And also there getting triggered over this girl saying she wants 100mil like she just wants it not that she don’t care and yeah there’s more talented people and it’s true like she not that good but like y’all don’t gotta be like that
Evanfar !
Evanfar ! 22 timer siden
Having this much fame and followers at such a young age is going to ruin their lives
Evanfar !
Evanfar ! 22 timer siden
These girls have no talent
Aden Ruiz
Aden Ruiz 22 timer siden
Tictok is so emotional all the time there feelings always hurt bout something
Xpen 99
Xpen 99 22 timer siden
Mr beast our savour
Trtania 22 timer siden
never been more happy in my life
cinema cinnamon critical
cinema cinnamon critical 23 timer siden
Yt rewind plrease be good.
JamieZoned 23 timer siden
tiktokers wouldn't survive vine @jamiezoned
Ay0TKm4n 444
Ay0TKm4n 444 23 timer siden
Does Charli not know that the world doesn’t revolve around her lmao 😂
Safouane chahbari
Safouane chahbari 23 timer siden
imagine crying over losing 1 million subs while already having 100 mil
Alzvah :
Alzvah : 23 timer siden
Charli got what she wanted an even umber 98 mill
Wanda Greene
Wanda Greene 23 timer siden
This is crazy
Skylord Skyfer
Skylord Skyfer Dag siden
@MohammadNaqvi15 Logan Paul has actually lost it man shouldnt be call out Floyd
Dannyntendo Dag siden
She is already a millionaire, she can retire now.
Joel Wilson
Joel Wilson Dag siden
What a mad lad u keep me up to date. Daily dose
Giovanni Fruscella
Giovanni Fruscella Dag siden
I love you man your awesome I really wanna win this Xbox I think Dixie is a real Idiot for doing that on film al notifications are on and I love your videos my Twitter is @giovannifrusce2 lots of love hope I win
Phantom Orion
Phantom Orion Dag siden
Boo hoo i have less that 50
Tanya Maria
Tanya Maria Dag siden
@TanjaKauhanen. I have to say: MY GOD these kids are great at marketing themselves! Logan is clearly trolling for clout! But I feel sorry for the D'amelio sisters. They´re so young and have to deal with so much hate! Dixie deals with it the right way but for Charli, it seems that the likes and numbers are everything. I can't really blame her. In that age everyone just wanted to be liked. But she has to get her priorities right. LIFE IS NOT ABOUT HOW MANY SUBSCRIBERS YOU HAVE AND YOU ARE THE MOST FAMOUS TIKTOKER ANYWAYS! Be greatful, little girl. Remember to do this for the right reasons!
Complete Games
Complete Games Dag siden
Thank you keem @xbox series x
Daniel Mejia
Daniel Mejia Dag siden
I don’t know why I have a feeling Logan Paul is gonna win but in my head he gonna for lmao Twitter-daniel45268311
x Hazel x
x Hazel x Dag siden
Dammmnnnm Logan Paul going insane tho, awesome vids Keem!
zombiezac5 Dag siden
The amount of respect I have for James Charles now
codclipz 84
codclipz 84 Dag siden
We people born in 04 don’t claim Charlie
Kiki C
Kiki C Dag siden
I heard she getting followers that are not even following her. I hope that makes sense
Ryan Tilly
Ryan Tilly Dag siden
Sometimes I wonder if maybe one day it could be me like how Charli became so famous and I play ps4 in South Africa where I live, and it would mean so much because of what a terrible year it has been and it would be one of the best days I could have thanks for everything keem star u are great
Ryan Tilly
Ryan Tilly Dag siden
My insta is @ryantilly2
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